Google guide updated

The Jaws guide to searching using Google has been updated to cover recent design changes. These include the restructuring of the search options, and the inclusion of landmarks in the result pages to aid navigation.

3 Responses to “Google guide updated”

  1. Sheva Says:

    Thank you sooooo much !
    My father started using Jaws, and I was completely helplessly trying to help him manage the google search-result window, until I landed on your website !
    Thanks a million !


  2. michael dubuisson, Says:

    I find the Google changes fairly condusive with blind People, the only thing I find is when they say “Screen Readers click here for better performance. thanks. a knew Jaw’s user.

  3. David Bailes Says:

    Michael, I’ve now included a description of Google Instant in the introduction of the guide to using Google.