Taskbar on Windows 7

There’s a new Jaws guide to the taskbar on Windows 7, and it covers the Start menu, the taskbar buttons, and the Notification area.

7 Responses to “Taskbar on Windows 7”

  1. Joyce Jordan Says:

    Hi, I would like to know if you have a guide available for Mozilla Thunderbird email client?

  2. David Bailes Says:

    Hi Joyce, unfortunately I haven’t written a guide to Thunderbird, and currently don’t have any plans to do so.

  3. Colin Glover Says:

    I have very recently have had to change over to Windows 7 and as a totally blind person, I am finding it terribly difficult to deal with or find anyone who is able to help. I am using Mozilla Thunderbird which has been installed by a PC consultant, unfortunately, he does not know anything about JAWS. Can anyone out there help in any way?


  4. David Bailes Says:

    Colin, I’ve sent you an email in response to your comment. If you have problems accessing it, let me know by leaving another comment.

  5. Lynn Says:

    I don’t know if you want additions to the information in your guides, but if you do, here’s a note on adding attachments in gmail.

    If you add one attachment, and you want to remove it, if you press the “add more attachments” button, then, on that page, without doing anything there, press the done button, and you are back in the original message but there is now a checkbox for that single attachment which you can uncheck.

  6. David Bailes Says:

    Thanks Lynn, suggestions for improving the guides are always welcome.

  7. Cheryl Osborn Says:

    Very nicely done! These tutorials were obviously tested using JAWS, as aposed to a a sighted person viewing a list of commands.