Windows Live Mail 2011

There’s now a Jaws guide to Windows Live Mail 2011. This includes a detailed description of how to use the ribbons in this program, using either the standard windows keystrokes or the Jaws virtual ribbon.

2 Responses to “Windows Live Mail 2011”

  1. Peter Scanlon Says:

    I found the WLM useful. I have labelled the “Attachment” graphic. However I can only see the “attachment” if I use Jaws cursor. Yes, “Read Labelled Graphics”{ is on. I wonder could something be covering that part of the screen. I have sent myself test messages with attachments and they are there, but not viewable in PC Cursor mode. Using JFW13.
    I would also like to know if MS is going to bring out an update to this program to allow first letter navigation and make some other parts of this program more accessible?

  2. David Bailes Says:

    Hi Peter, I’ve tried to replicate your problem with the labelled graphic, but so far I’ve still no idea what could be causing this. If the window is not maximized, then that could cause Jaws not to read the graphic, but I don’t think you’d be able to read it with the Jaws cursor either. If I think of something, I’ll mail you.
    I don’t have any information about updates for the program. Microsoft have been aware of the problem of the lack of first letter navigation for some time, so I presume the fix isn’t that simple, and my guess is that it won’t be fixed. Some of the accessibility issues are due to the screen reader, so Freedom Scientific may fix some of these.