Audacity 2.1.3

The Jaws guide to Audacity has been updated for version 2.1.3 of this free multi-track audio editor. New features and changes which are relevant to users of screen readers include:

  • There are new commands for moving to the next or previous label which read the name and number of the label, and there’s a “type to create a label” setting which you can turn off so that you don’t accidentally create labels.
  • You can now select a time range using the stored cursor position.
  • The keystroke for Play/Stop and set cursor is now the letter X – it was Shift + A in previous versions of Audacity.

2 Responses to “Audacity 2.1.3”

  1. David Reynolds Says:

    Using the scripts for Audacity, I’m trying to use the latest version of Audacity under windows 7, but the scripts won’t install. Tried to contact the author, but there is no way to do so. Having said that, I like your guides very much

  2. David Bailes Says:

    I’ll contact you directly to try and sort out the problem with the Jaws script. Thanks for the positive comment about the guides.