This site contains two sets of guides: one for users of screen magnifiers, and the other for users of the Jaws screen reader. They cover various aspects of Windows and a few useful applications. All the guides are free.

Google guide updated

The Jaws guide to searching using Google has been updated to cover recent design changes. These include the restructuring of the search options, and the inclusion of landmarks in the result pages to aid navigation.

September update

There’s now a Jaws guide to the BBC iPlayer website, where you can listen to BBC radio programmes broadcast in the last week, and also to those currently being broadcast. If you live in the UK, there is also a similar service for BBC TV programmes, and some of these are audio described. The Jaws guide to Audacity has been updated for version 1.3.9.

August update

Two Jaws guides for Vista have been added: one for theĀ  Start menu, and the other for the Open and Save dialogs.

May update

There’s now a Jaws guide to Internet Explorer 8, and the Jaws guide to Audacity has been revised for version 1.3.7.

February update

There’s now a Jaws guide to Windows Explorer on Vista, which includes a detailed description of advanced search techniques.