Email Guide

A guide for Jaws users, written by Chorlton Workshop for hsbp. More guides are available on the Jaws Guides page of the VIP Software Guides website.

Email addresses

The format of an email address is something@somethingelse, and it's entirely lower case. Each email address is unique and is allocated by the supplier of your email account.

Components of an email

Note that if you want to send an email to a large number of people and do not want everybody's email address to appear all the received emails, then put all the email addresses in the Bcc field, rather than the To field.

Accessing email

You can access an email account using either an email program or a website.

Email programs

Email programs are also known as email clients, and they include:

The following separate guides are available:


For users of screen readers, using a website to access email is more complex than using an email program, and so takes longer to learn.

Suppliers of email accounts

You can get a free email account from either your Internet Service Provider (ISP), or from the likes of Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft whose email accounts are called Gmail (Google Mail), Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail respectively.

Email accounts from ISPs

Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail

Using the Gmail website is described in a separate Gmail guide.