Numeric keypad

A guide for Jaws users, written by Chorlton Workshop for hsbp.


The numeric keypad provides an alternative set of keys for some keys which are frequently used for Jaws keystrokes. Num lock must be off to access these keys, rather than the numbers. They are very convieniently layed out for touch typing whilst using Jaws.


The home position of the middle finger is the number 5, and this should have a bump on it. An easy way of exploring the numeric keypad is to use Jaws keyboard help ( INSERT+1 ). Fingering is given in the table below:

Key Fingering
num pad 5 third finger, home
up arrow third finger, one above home
down arrow third finger, one below home
left arrow second finger, home
right arrow fourth finger, home
insert thumb, home, bottom left key
enter fifth finger, home, bottom right key
home second finger, one above home
end second finger, one below home
page up fourth finger, one above home
page down fourth finger, one below home
delete fourth finger, two below home
num lock on/off second finger, two above home