Wikipedia Guide

A guide for Jaws users, written by Chorlton Workshop for hsbp.


Wikipedia is an encyclopedia to which anyone can contribute, and a typical page has contributions from several people. The web address of the English version is It is well written for Jaws users: there are plenty of headings and landmark regions, and the default search is easier than using google.

Page structure

Main page

The home page of the wikipedia website is called the main page and the title of the page is “Wikipedia, the free encycopedia”.

The main content includes the following sections, which have level 2 headings: Today's featured article, Did you know..., In the news, and On this day.


On each page of wikipedia, there's always at least one edit box for searching. So to perform a search:

  1. Press E to move to a Search edit box.
  2. Press Enter to go into Forms mode, type in your search terms, and press Enter. Wikipedia finds the best match between your search terms and the titles of all the articles on the site, and then displays the article. If it can't find a match, it does a full search against the text of the articles, and then displays a results page which is described in a section below.

Note that if you want to ensure a full search rather than first trying to match to article titles, then type the tilde character before typing in your search terms.

Article page

The page title is “article title - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”, and the level 1 heading is the title of the article.

An article can include the following sections each with a level 2 heading:

Results page

The page title is “ your search terms - Search results - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”, and the level 1 heading is Search results.