This site contains two sets of guides: one for users of screen magnifiers, and the other for users of the Jaws screen reader. They cover various aspects of Windows and a few useful applications. All the guides are free.

Audacity 2.0

Audacity is a free multi-track audio editor. Version 2.0 of this program has recently been released, and the Jaws guide to Audacity has been updated to cover this version. In addition, the sections of the guide on moving the cursor and selecting audio have been revised and expanded.

Windows Live Mail 2011

There’s now a Jaws guide to Windows Live Mail 2011. This includes a detailed description of how to use the ribbons in this program, using either the standard windows keystrokes or the Jaws virtual ribbon.

Taskbar on Windows 7

There’s a new Jaws guide to the taskbar on Windows 7, and it covers the Start menu, the taskbar buttons, and the Notification area.

Windows Explorer on Windows 7

There’s a new Jaws guide to Windows Explorer on Windows 7. It includes libraries which are new in Windows 7, and advanced search techniques.

Google guide updated

The Jaws guide to searching using Google has been updated to cover recent design changes. These include the restructuring of the search options, and the inclusion of landmarks in the result pages to aid navigation.